PHP framework for evolved applications

What is evoCore?

evoCore is the framework at the heart of the b2evolution blogging application.

It is freely available for anyone to use. It is dual licensed so you can choose to use it either under the GNU GPL or the Mozilla MPL license. The b2evolution project, for example, is using it under the GNU GPL.

What makes it different?

We realize there are dozens of freely available PHP frameworks out there.

The evoCore framework distinguishes itself by the fact it doesn't require PHP 5 to work! That's right, as of early 2010, evoCore will still work perfectly under PHP 4 in order to guarantee your applications can be hosted on virtually any web hosting provider, including low cost cheap web hosting plans!

Note: Once PHP 5 becomes truly universally available, future versions of evoCore may require PHP5. If you are already running on VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting or Reseller web hosting we do recommend you use PHP5 for best performance.

Regarding data storage, evoCore is designed to work with MySQL as a back-end. You need no more than the universally available version 4.1, but evoCore can also take advantage of the advanced features found in MySQL version 5.

What does it do?

  • MVC (Model View Controller) architecture
  • A taste of AJAX (everybody likes buzzwords right?)
  • A taste of XML (the perfect buzzword with no meaning behind it)
  • Load balancing with shared nothing architecture
  • Session handling (accross multiple servers / DB based)
  • User & group management
  • Permissions management
  • General and user settings management
  • File management
  • Web stats management
  • Scheduled PHP tasks management ("cron jobs")
  • Plugin framework
  • DataObjects and DataObjectCaches
  • Quick Form building
  • Quick Result lists building
  • Quick list editor building
  • and quite a few more little useful things...